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The font size is too small/large, how can I change it?

Ikiru supports iOS's "dynamic type" feature for adjusting font size. Simply open the "Settings" app and navigate to Display & Brightness > Text Size and drag the slider to the font size you want.

If you need even larger text, open the "Settings" app and navigate to General > Accessibility > Larger Text and switch on "Larger Accessibility Sizes".

Why aren't photos included when emailing a list?

There is a limit to the amount of data that can be sent via email. According to Wikipedia: "In general, 10MB is considered safe for the maximum size of an email.". A list from Ikiru could include hundreds of photos, easily exceeding those email data size limitations, and causing the email to not be sent.

Is there any way to back up lists aside from using the iCloud Syncing feature?

Yes, you can also back up your entire set of lists via email:

NOTE: this will back up everything except for photos! However, when you take a photo in Ikiru, a copy of it is saved to your camera roll... so your photos may be backed up separately there.

  1. open Ikiru
  2. on the main screen, tap the share button

  3. tap "Share All"
  4. tap "Mail" and email yourself a copy of the lists

The email includes a file attachment ending in ".ikiru" that you can tap on to import the lists back into Ikiru.

If you want to back up a specific list, you would first tap to view that list in Ikiru, then tap the share button and email the list to yourself.


Do I have to purchase the app on both my iPhone and iPad to sync lists between them?

App purchases are tied to your Apple ID, not a specific device. So, assuming you're using the same Apple ID on both your iPhone and iPad, you only need to purchase the app once.

You can check and see which Apple ID you're using for app purchases:

  1. open the Settings app
  2. tap "iTunes & App Store"
  3. look in the first row, where it should show the email address associated with the account like:
    Apple ID: something@something.com

Note that for syncing to work, you must be using the same Apple ID on both devices for iCloud. You can check to see which Apple ID you're using for iCloud by opening the "Settings" app and tapping "iCloud".

Why isn't syncing working?

First make sure you're using the same Apple ID on both devices for iCloud by opening the "Settings" app on each device and tapping "iCloud". Syncing lists between two different iCloud accounts is not currently possible.

Next, make sure you have a good wifi or cellular internet connection. If Ikiru can't connect to iCloud, then it won't be able to sync lists between your devices. (Check to see if you accidentally left "Airplane Mode" on!)

Finally, make sure that iCloud Syncing is turned on in Ikiru on both devices:

  1. open Ikiru
  2. tap the gear icon on the main screen to open the settings panel in Ikiru
  3. switch "iCloud Syncing" on if needed

I received the error message "This operation has been rate limited" when I tried to turn on syncing. Why?

iCloud Drive is not enabled on your device, or perhaps just not enabled for Ikiru.

To fix the problem open the "Settings" app and tap "iCloud", then "iCloud Drive". Then switch on both "iCloud Drive" at the top, and "Ikiru" in the list of apps on that same screen. Finally, open Ikiru again and this time when you turn on syncing it should work.

Can I sync a list with another person?

Not at this time... though it's something I'd like to add, and I'm researching ways to do it.

However, you can send a list to someone via email, and they can import the list directly into their copy of Ikiru (by tapping the file attachment included in the email and then tapping "Copy to Ikiru"). The list will be imported as a copy on their device, and will NOT be synced with your version of the list.

Are you going to add support for syncing via Dropbox?

I'm considering adding Dropbox as an option for syncing. However, I'm also researching a way to select individual lists to sync with another person - which may or may not conflict with syncing via Dropbox.

So, I have some research and development work to do before I can give a definitive answer.


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